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Defogging the Cloud : 4 Cloud Concepts You Must Know

Everyone seems to be talking about the Cloud.

Enterprises, big and small, are looking at the business opportunities that emerge from Cloud technology; however, there are still many who confess in private to not fully understanding it.

In an attempt to demystify the Cloud, MetraTech invites you to download our « Defogging the Cloud » white paper, now available in a two-part series.

Part 1: reviews 4 Cloud-related concepts and definitions to ground your understanding;

Part 2: attempts to defog the likely Cloud future and resulting business models.



Maya Dan
Expert Cloud Computing --- Expert Cloud Computing , plus de vingt ans d'expérience dans l'industrie de l'Internet et l'informatique , du développement logiciel à la gestion de projet , fondatrice de La Lettre du Cloud.

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