ScaleUp Technologies Announces First Person Certified in Europe under 3Tera’s ‘Certified Cloud Operator’ Program

Christian Hacker’s Certification is Another European Cloud Computing First for ScaleUp Technologies

ScaleUp Technologies, the European leader in cloud enabling solutions for full data centers, announced today that Christian Hacker, a lead developer from the ScaleUp team, is the first person in Europe to be certified under the Certified Cloud Operator program, recently introduced by 3Tera®, IncThis is yet another first for Hamburg-based ScaleUp Technologies, after launching the first Cloud Solution in Germany in late 2009 & being the first in Europe to demonstrate use of IPv6 in the cloud, along with US partners 3Tera and

3Tera’s Certified Cloud Operator program is targeted toward service providers, enterprises operations professionals and systems integrators, responsible for the deployment and operation of cloud services. The program covers the process of installing, configuring and maintaining the computing fabric used for building cloud computing services. Emphasis is placed on service configuration, ensuring high availability and instant failover of cloud installations, provisioning of customers and configuration of virtual private data centers

Christian Hacker, who joined ScaleUp Technologies team in April of 2009, bringing an impressive 10-year background as a technology leader commented: “Although the certification exam definitely requires deep knowledge & experience, it wasn’t hard for me to complete it successfully! In my daily work with AppLogic I had already experienced about 90 percent of the cases and operation steps that we went through during the training. The 3-day boot camp was very well developed with many practical examples and step-by-step guides that a cloud operator like myself can implement immediately.”