Flexible Secure IaaS Service: Public Beta Launched

CloudSigma AG launches the CloudSigma IaaS platform for public beta this week. The CloudSigma platform allows instant access to highly flexible on-demand computing resources without the restrictions that many IaaS products currently impose. Create, resize and start virtual servers instantly from an innovative and intuitive web console or via a full-featured API.

CloudSigma is offering a free 14-day evaluation period with substantial computing and networking resources included. There is no obligation or credit card required.

Users benefit from fully flexible resource allocation that allows creation of servers with any combination of CPU, RAM and storage that they desire. Virtual servers run any x86 or x64 compatible operating system which is chosen by the user. A public drive image library offers a convenient choice of over 150 different drive images. In addition users have the option to simply upload their own drive images directly into their account.