2010 Cloud Business Solutions (SaaS) – Topline Saugatuck Survey Data Report

Document:                        SSR-750

Date of Publication:            June 30, 2010 

Number of Pages:               28

Lead Author(s):                 B.Guptill

Contributing Authors:          B.McNee, M. West, C. Burns, R. McNeill, L.Geishecker 

Price: $0 – Not available for Sale (Only available to CRS clients)

Report Overview:  This summary data report exclusive to Saugatuck CRS clients provides fact-based insight into business and IT user business drivers, Cloud Business Solution / SaaS adoption trends, benefits, concerns, satisfaction, business and technology channel preference and total software spend (Cloud vs On Prem).

The report highlights data and analysis from 6 months of Saugatuck Cloud Business Solutions program research, including a global web survey, briefings with leading Cloud services providers, and interviews with user executives and managers having extensive Cloud Computing experience.