Seeding the Cloud Enterprises Set Their Strategies for Cloud Computing

by EMC Corporation – via IDG Connect


“The biggest obstacle you have is really to get

people to think differently.”

—Geir Ramleth, Bechtel 
Key Findings


• Cloud computing projects are still at an early stage at most companies if they are happening at all. However, the

overwhelming majority of IT executives have at least begun evaluating the benefits of cloud technology, with much of

their focus on “private cloud.”

• Cloud technology is seen by many IT executives as a way of continuing to provide high service levels while cutting

infrastructure and capital costs.

• Investments in data-center consolidation and virtualization have laid a foundation for many IT organizations to shift

some operations to the cloud.

• The obstacles to cloud computing remain substantial—including concerns about security, about the cloud’s ability to

handle legacy applications, and about IT staff’s willingness to work in a new way and re-orient its priorities.


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