Worldwide Software as a Service 2010–2014 Forecast: Software Will Never Be the Same

Market Analysis Jun 2010

By: Robert P. Mahowald

Research Vice President, SaaS and Cloud Services

Doc # 223628

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This IDC study presents IDC’s first look at worldwide SaaS software performance in 2009 and anticipated performance through 2014. SaaS is the service enablement of products from all three primary software markets: applications, application development and deployment, and system infrastructure software, and as such, SaaS represented just over 73% of IT public cloud services revenue in 2009. The SaaS market reached $13.1 billion in revenue in 2009, and IDC expects it will grow to $40.5 billion by 2014 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.3%.

"Figuring out how to find and capitalize on the enormous cloud services transition is the number 1 strategic goal of most IT product vendors," according to Robert Mahowald, research vice president of IDC’s SaaS and Cloud Services practice. "Cloud represents both a tremendous challenge and potentially an opportunity to align with partners, create new capabilities, move into new markets, and define new leaders."