Cisco Connected World Report

December 8, 2010

Cisco’s Connected World Report is a three-part study that examines the needs and expectations of an increasingly mobile and distributed workforce. The study, which involved surveys of 2,600 workers and IT professionals in 13 countries, also reports on how IT professionals are managing the security and data governance challenges involved in this transformation. 
Part III of the study, released Dec. 8, examines the evolution of data center, virtualization and cloud computing technologies as businesses adapt to the changing nature of work.

Part II of the study reveals a disconnect between IT policies and workers, especially as employees strive to work in a more mobile fashion and utilize numerous devices, social media, and new forms of communication such as video.

In Part I of the study, three of five workers around the world said they do not need to be in the office anymore to be productive. In fact, their desire to be mobile and flexible in accessing corporate information is so strong that the same percentage of workers would choose jobs that were lower-paying but had leniency in accessing information outside of the office over higher salaried jobs that lacked flexibility.


Cisco connected world report part3

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John Manville, VP of IT, on Cisco Connected World Report Part III!

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