Cloud Services: Issues and Opportunities for Service Providers

Cloud Services: Issues and Opportunities for Service Providers is essential reading for anyone involved in or deciding to become a cloud services’ provider.

Download today to learn more about the current state of cloud and find out what we can expect from this phenomenon over the next 12 months. 
One of the brightest stars of 2010, cloud computing promises low cost growth and flexibility while improving service delivery.

Written and researched by the Managing Director of TM ForumInsights, Rob Rich, Cloud Services: Issues and Opportunities for Service Providers,  examines the pros, cons, progress and pitfalls of providing cloud services for each player in the cloud ecosystem.

This report provides research gleaned from 20 Tier 1 operators concerning the status of their cloud services programs, the perceived benefits of the services, the most important services, and the biggest challenges and critical success factors.

This new Insights Research Report will:

– look at the different approaches

– discuss lessons learned by early adopters

– identify service providers and enterprise users plans for cloud offer suggestions for success