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Cloud et SaaS: l’envolée de 2011 

Source : Soluxions Magazine.

Dans sa boule de cristal, IDC voit essentiellement deux phénomènes: le Cloud Computing et le SaaS. Public Cloud et Private Cloud représenteront 15% des investissements IT de cette année. 80% des nouveaux logiciels seront proposés sous forme de service; en 2014, plus d’un tiers des achats de logiciels se feront via le Cloud.


Cloud IaaS: The Future of Web Hosting

Source : Cloud Business Review

The web hosting industry has evolved much in the past five years. Flexible, on-demand hosting plans are now being offered by both established and new web hosting providers; some new buzz words were born – cloud hosting, virtual data center, and many more.

While business people are trying to grasp the new concepts, the web hosting market keeps evolving rapidly toward cloud infrastructure as a service (cloud IaaS.) Will conventional web hosting becoming obsolete soon?


Cloud Computing Predictions for 2011 from Cloud Vision

Author: Cloud Vision Editor Michael Knuckey

All the signs are that Cloud Computing is going to be the dominant trend in IT in 2011 as many of the major IT vendors launch their Cloud stacks, Mobile Cloud is driven by the high uptake in smartphones and Telecoms service providers step up to be Cloud Aggregators.

As Editor of Cloud Vision, I have been fortunate to attend many of the Cloud Computing conferences in Europe and the US last year, meeting senior executives from the Cloud vendors and also hearing the experiences of those CIOs who have been successful early adopters of Cloud solutions.

The stage is being set for Cloud Computing to be widely adopted by Enterprises, Telecoms service providers and Government bodies. The focus on “Open Cloud” standards avoiding vendor lock-in and resolving the security and compliance issues will be key enablers

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