CERTPOINT:‘Visionary’ by Gartner’s 2011 Magic Quadrant

Press Release

The continued innovation of CERTPOINT Systems, Inc., a leading global LMS provider, has earned it a place in the "visionaries" quadrant of the 2011 Magic Quadrant for Corporate Learning Systems report. In this report Gartner, Inc. categorizes visionaries as forward-thinking vendors differentiated by their product innovation. 

The Gartner report notes key strengths of CERTPOINTVLS™, such as integrated authoring tools and content delivery to mobile devices. The report also acknowledges that CERTPOINT offers a better customer experience compared to the industry average, with clients citing strong communication and ongoing support as sources of satisfaction. The report also praises CERTPOINT’s multilingual functions; to date, CERTPOINTVLS™ has been deployed in over 80 countries and in more than 40 languages.

Ara Ohanian, CEO and Founder of CERTPOINT, commented: “Being driven by innovation, especially in the realm of mobile knowledge, Gartner’s ‘visionary’ label is right on the money! It’s a reflection of our relentless pursuit of product innovation, client satisfaction and global impact.”

The report was authored by Jeff Freyermuth, James Holincheck and Thomas Otter of Gartner, Inc. Inclusion in the Magic Quadrant is dependent upon number of factors, such as being regularly identified by Gartner clients and prospects as a notable vendor in the CLS (Corporate Learning System) field, and a strong presence in two or more global markets (for example, North America and Europe).

Ohanian also welcomed Gartner’s assessment of the increasing importance of mobile learning: “Gartner’s report supports CERTPOINT’s stance that mobile devices will play an integral role in learning management in the very near future. Accordingly our mobile offerings are expanding rapidly to stay ahead of the market’s demand. We’re eager to lead the drive for robust mobile learning.”

CERTPOINT Systems Inc. provides the CERTPOINTVLS™ and CERTPOINTVLS Mobile™ all-in-one global learning platforms, which are used by more than 1,000 organizations in over 80 countries and 40+ languages to manage performance, deliver knowledge and track business results. ..The SaaS-based CERTPOINTVLS platform is multilingual and integrates Authoring, Reporting, Mobile Delivery and Web 2.0 Collaboration tools into a single LMS/LCMS solution… Founded in 1996, CERTPOINT Systems has consistently developed and evolved the CERTPOINTVLS platform to ensure that it provides clients with cutting-edge tools that incorporate the most recent developments in the rapidly changing online learning environment.