Private PaaS Defined and Examined

Private PaaS: The Next Era of Enterprise IT

Creating a private PaaS provides all the benefits of a public PaaS without the outsourced infrastructure hosting. Read:

– Private PaaS defined

– Why the software layer of private PaaS is the primary value driver

– Advantages of keeping application development behind the firewall

It is quite clear that cloud, and PaaS in particular, provides significant value. What is also clear, however, is that the public form factor may not be approApriate for a majority of enterprise IT use cases on both the new application and existing custom application front. Even without including the outsourced IT component, the ROI of PaaS is supported by drastic improvements in:

1. Operating agility as it pertains to application deployment and management

2. Infrastructure management

3. Application Development productivity

4. Infrastructure utilization

Coupling these key value benefits to the inaccessible public form factor is unnecessary, and decoupling it has the potential to drive a new era of eciency within enterprise IT.

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