Forecasting Lots of Clouds in 2012

by Jeff Kaplan

Cloud Article Published in Datamation December 27, 2011

Despite Amazon Web Services’ service outage, and service disruptions suffered by other major Cloud service providers over the past year, the growth of the Cloud marketplace continued to accelerate in 2011. This movement will continue to grow in 2012 because it is delivering tangible and measurable business benefits to organizations of all sizes.

Since migrating to the Cloud will be unavoidable for any organization that wants to remain competitive in the coming year, here are ten trends which you can count on and should factor into your thinking as you put your plans, policies and procedures in place to capitalize on the unprecedented business opportunities created by the Cloud:

  1. Debating Public vs. Private Cloud Strategies Will Give Way to Deployment Initiatives that Optimize Hybrid Cloud Environments.

    Only start-ups will succeed in operating entirely on Cloud-based services. For the rest of us, we will depend on a mix of on-premise and on-demand resources for ……

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