"Cloud-based Archiving vs. On-Premises Legacy Archiving"

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  • How organizations can reduce their archiving and discovery costs by 40 to 60% with cloud-based archiving.
  • How legal teams can realize a productivity gain through greater self-service with a cloud-based solution vs. manual tape-retrieval processes.
  • Why investments in storage, hardware, and professional services increase with on-premise archiving solutions.

Learn how Proofpoint Enterprise Archive delivers a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than legacy on-premises archiving products.

By now most companies faced with regulatory inquiries or legal discovery have an information archiving solution in place. Many of these solutions worked fine when they were first installed, but lately, as data volumes have grown, their performance has been bogged down, leading to slower and often erratic results. For companies faced with frequent or complex discovery requests, performance challenges for discovery are simply unacceptable. 

With the deployment of Proofpoint Enterprise Archive, organizations have realized significant cost savings in automating complex discovery processes, while reducing risks associated with manual, inexact methods.

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