The new head of SAP’s cloud unit, Lars Dalgaard, discussed strategy and solutions.

On day two of SAPPHIRE NOW, the head of SAP's Cloud unit, Lars Dalgaard, could at last share the company's cloud strategy with customers.

SAP Executive Board member and head of its cloud business unit stated the bold intentions succinctly: “Bring the biggest business apps provider in the world completely into the cloud.” His exuberance was matched only by his confidence: “We are completely ready.” SuccessFactors has brought incredible productivity gains for its customers pre-acquisition. The recently formed Cloud business unit, led by Lars, serves more than 17 million users. Now it looks to serve millions more.

With scale that covers companies of various sizes for a total of 56.8 million product users, Lars believes the company is now ready to take on a whole new wave of users. Lars called on customers in the audience to back him up. They obliged: A representative from joint SAP and SuccessFactors customerUnder Armour stood up to attest to how businesses with both SAP and SuccessFactors in their landscape can benefit from the now combined talents and expertise.

To SAP’s expertise and intellectual property, SuccessFactors adds simplicity and speed, a people-centric design, and a beautiful user experience, Lars said. This, in addition to the cost benefits and agility of the cloud. The stage was set for the imparting of a clear strategy.

At SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando, SAP unveiled its new cloud strategy. SAP co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe and SuccessFactors Founder and CEO Lars Dalgaard kicked off a busy day with two dynamic keynotes. Watch here.

Lars Dalgaard joined SAP to run a newly formed Cloud Business Unit when SAP acquired SuccessFactors, the company he founded in 2001. As a member of the SAP Executive Board and the SAP Global Managing Board, Lars Dalgaard owns all responsibility around the company's Cloud business including strategy, product development, and all related go-to-market capabilities.

Lars has an undying passion for releasing the magic of every person in and outside the workplace. Since Dalgaard founded SuccessFactors in the middle of the worst tech crisis in history, SuccessFactors has had a compound annual revenue growth rate of approximately 75 percent, with annual sales of $364 million. It was the fastest growing business application cloud company of its size and the second largest in revenue – delivering 19 cloud applications to enable business execution.