The big-data and analytics revolution in health care by McKinsey

Analytics is transforming many facets of the health-care industry, from drug research to patient care.

The big-data revolution in US health care: Accelerating value and innovation” traces the evolving role of analytics from retroactive reporting to prediction and intervention, and quantifies the potential benefits and organizational challenges. This article includes a video interview with McKinsey director Nicolaus Henke, who discusses the capabilities organizations will need to integrate analytics effectively.

How big data can revolutionize pharmaceutical R&D” reviews eight technology-enabled measures that can improve the way R&D functions gather, analyze, and apply data—to help replenish stagnant pipelines and lift success rates. In a related video, McKinsey director Sam Marwaha discusses the challenges and potential benefits to integrating analytics across different health-care disciplines.

These articles are the first in a series on how analytics is changing key industries. The next collection will focus on banking. For an overview,“Making data analytics work: Three key challenges” covers the technology, strategy, and organizational issues inherent in any analytics initiative.