Multi-cloud migration: How operators can still seize the day

Report author: Phil Marshall Tolaga Research

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The cloud services market has seen robust growth over the last three years, benefiting from improvements in technology, service innovation, competitive pricing and increased overall market acceptance. When implemented correctly, enterprise cloud services offer tremendous benefits in terms of reducing costs and improving business agility. Making the most of these benefits means changes throughout the enterprise.

In this report we investigate the cloud services market with an emphasis on the opportunities for cloud service providers. It includes analysis of TM Forum’s prima facie research, gleaned from a combination of e-surveys and in-depth interviews with 24 operators across the globe.

The survey results demonstrate that, although operators recognize there are many challenges, they believe they can deliver differentiated cloud-based service through proactive management of their network resources, and by exploiting their local market presence, brand recognition and market channels. It is clear from the analysis of the survey that operators must embed the idea of providing IT services across their organizations and pay close attention to maintaining an end-to-end service strategy. At the same time, they also need to position themselves to act as efficient partners in the ecosystem. 

The report also explores the characteristics of the cloud services market, providing an overview of the current situation, evaluating the impact of cloud services on enterprises and investigating the complexities of hybrid cloud computing to identify operators’ role and potential in current and future cloud implementations. Heightened market competition is clearly recognized by operators.

Although some believe they can go head-to-head with market heavyweights like Amazon, many see the need for careful targeting of their go-to-market strategies and dramatic reductions in operational costs. Partnerships are becoming more commonplace and enabling differentiated solutions. 

It is clear that operators are taking the cloud services market seriously, pursuing strategies which capitalize on their technical and commercial assets to deliver differentiated services – it remains to be seen how successful they will be. To maximize their chances, network operators need to be nimble, embrace innovation and maintain a sharp focus on the markets where they can differentiate themselves to the greatest advantage.

Executive summary

Section 1

The emerging cloud services market

Section 2

Network operators discuss their views on the cloud services market

Section 3

Clearing the way to succeed in the cloud services market