EuroCloud and SIIA start collaboration

EuroCloud and SIIA start collaboration to drive global industry support for ISVs, SaaS and Cloud providers

EuroCloud ( and SIIA ( announce their collaboration on providing global membership support within the fast growing International SaaS and Cloud market. Through the partnership, they will support European based SaaS and Cloud providers growing their knowledge of the US market, and US based SaaS and Cloud providers growing their knowledge of the European market.

This collaboration is content driven, and will start with participation in each other’s events, including AATC, May 7-9, 2013 in San Francisco and the EuroCloud Congress, October 15-16, 2013 in Luxembourg. Furthermore, mutual working councils will be established to address global topics on Trust, Security & Compliance and other relevant subjects in order to drive international acceptance of SaaS and Cloud services.

“Cloud Computing is a global phenomenon which will change the world, but the local requirements and regulations differ from country to country and appear challenging for cloud providers. The collaboration between SIIA and EuroCloud will support our members to adjust their international businesses to these characteristics,” said Bernd Becker, President EuroCloud Europe.

“Working closer together and exchanging related information enables us to support our membership in their cross border market activities,” said Rhianna Collier, VP Software division, SIIA.