A few cloud computing market statistics

source : http://www.huffingtonpost.com

  1. Worldwide public cloud service market to total131 billion in 2013 – Gartner
  2. By 2015, worldwide public cloud market to reach $180 billion – InformationWeek
  3. 60% of respondents from North America plan on increasing their budget in SaaS and public cloud within the next two years. – Gartner
  4. 60% of server workloads will be virtualized in 2013 – Cloud Hypermarket
  5. IDC – One of every seven dollars spent on packaged software, server, and storage offerings will be through the public cloud model, growing five times faster than the total IT industry, by 2015.
  6. 84% of CIOs cut application costs by moving to the cloud – Business Insider
  7. 77% of enterprises are in the initial stages of cloud adoption: standardization, consolidation, and virtualization – CIO Insight
  8. 88% of health care organizations have reduced their cost of software applications by moving them to cloud – Information Management
  9. SMB spending on cloud solutions will grow by almost 20% over the next five years, with 3 in 10 midsize firms adopting public cloud solutions.
  10. Forrester – channel partners will increase their reliance on cloud software and services from 22% to 27% from 2013 to 2014.
  11. The latest research note from Bain & Company predicts revenue growth for SaaS companies will triple between 2011 and 2014