How cloud computing supports business transformation at fast-growing organisations

Find out how cloud computing is helping to support business growth for « Global Minnows » in this exclusive excerpt from Frictionless Enterprise, a forthcoming book by Cloud Computing Expert and ZDNet Blogger, Phil Wainewright, about how forward-looking enterprises are harnessing the cloud for business transformation.

In just two decades, the web has transformed the ability for smaller enterprises to reach a global market and compete with industry leaders with little more than an Internet connection and a great idea. Cloud computing enables those businesses the ability to out-manoeuvre larger competitors through a scalable, agile, low cost infrastructure, providing real-time access to critical business information.

This article explains:

  • How growing businesses are going global with cloud computing
  • The competitive advantage cloud technology provides to growing businesses
  • How disruptive technology is impacting traditional industries
  • Why access to real-time information is so critical in fast growing enterprises
  • How the cloud has helped tech leader GoPro grow to a global $200m+ business in just 2.5

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